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Pressure Transmitter

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Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 3051L Liquid Level Transmitter Flange Mounting


  • Rosemount 3051L Liquid Level Transmitter flange mounted liquid level measurement accuracy of 0.075% calibration range 0-0.62KPa to 2.1MPa flat diaphragm, 2, 4, and 6 inches extended diaphragm more filling optional liquid can be filled in different applications require compact and light weight, easy to install and maintain, wetted materials: stainless steel, Hastelloy and tantalum.
    Second, the measurement principle
    Rosemount 3051L Liquid Level Transmitter flange mounting work, high and low pressure side of the diaphragm and the fill fluid pressure transmission process to fill fluid, then fill fluid pressure is transmitted to the center of the sensor sensing diaphragm on. Sensing diaphragm is a tension of the elastic element, the displacement varies with the pressure changes (for GP gauge pressure transmitter, atmospheric pressure as applied to the low-pressure side as sensing diaphragm). AP absolute pressure transmitter, low pressure side always maintain a reference pressure. The maximum displacement of the sensing diaphragm is 0.004 inches (0.1 mm), and the amount of displacement is proportional to pressure. The capacitor plates on both sides of the position detection sensor diaphragm. The difference between the capacitance of the sensing diaphragm and the capacitor plates is converted to the corresponding current, voltage, or digital HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter data highway) output signal.
    Third, the compact and lightweight design
    Rosemount 3051L ASIC amplifier design thanks to the package smaller and smaller, this model's weight and structure of the membrane cartridge flange down to half the original model. ASIC design not only reduces the number of parts, but also improve the reliability of the amplifier.
    Fourth, the technical parameters Rosemount 3051L Flange Mounted Liquid Level Transmitter
    1. The level measurement accuracy of 0.075%;
    2. calibration range from 0.25inH2O to 8310inH2O;
    3. flat diaphragm, 2-, 4-, and inch extended diaphragm;
    4. A variety of fill fluid options to meet different application requirements;
    5. clever light weight, easy installation and maintenance;
    6. wetted material: 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy and tantalum.
    V. Application Object
    Rosemount 3051L Flange Mounted pressure level transmitter used to measure gases, liquids and steam, and then converted into the current signal output 4-20mADC. You can also HART375,475 handheld communication with each other, through the setting and monitoring them.
    Sixth, the typical models